Flexible, automatic provision of up to 8 lubrication points

The powerful LUB-Z allows maximal flexibility.
The dual control system is either carried out using an integrated time or, externally, using a PLC. This makes the lubrication system suitable for both the lubrication with minimal quantities and the provision of lubrication points with high lubricant requirements – independently of whether the machine being lubricated is operated continuously or discontinuously.

LUB-Z is designed for a 24 VDC power supply. Supply pressure is up to 70 bar (1015 psi). The lubrication system can work either in time mode or in pulse mode (PLC).

In time mode, the internal controls monitor both the amount of lubricant and the time intervals between lubrications.
In pulse mode, the desired lubrication intervals are performed by programming the PLC.

Each pump body can be controlled separately, indpendently of the mode that is selected, which enables individual output volumes for each. Outlet volumes can be set from 0.16 to 15.4 ml.


The lubrication system is available in four different versions. They differ in the number of pump bodies/outlets and the lubricant used.

  • 4 or 8 outlets
  • operation with grease: using a cartridge, volume 800 ml
  • operation with oil: no cartridge, volume 1,000 ml

Direct lubrication

LUB-Z can be equipped with up to 4 pump bodies, meaning it can automatically supply up to 8 lubrication points with ease.
With hose lengths of up to 5 meters many lubrication points can be reached directly.

Your benefits

  • simple assembly – no complex piping
  • dual control via integrated timer or externally via PLC
  • powerful with up to 70 bar (1015 psi) delivery pressure
  • low-impact lubricant conveyance
  • detailed monitoring of up to 8 lube points
  • all pumps provide individually distributable volume
  • intuitive programming via LCD display
  • settings can be modified at any time
  • integrated back pressure monitoring