Lubricus S-B

Autarkic use

The battery-operated variant of the Lubricus lubrication system is always used when an autarkic operation is desired or necessary. LUB-S-B uses a 4.5 V battery operates with a pressure of 15 or 35 bar (218 or 508 psi, switchable).

The built-in display allows you to keep track of all functions anytime.

Technical Data

Functional principle
Piston pump
Operational voltage
4.5 V
Operational pressure
max. 15 / 35 bar (218 / 508 psi, switchable)
Operating temperature range
Al battery: +15 °C to +60 °C
Li battery: -15 °C to +60 °C
Running time
1-24 months
Directly on device
83 x 152 x 83 mm
Lubricant volume
125 ml
Weight (incl. empty 125 ml cartridge)
ca. 350 g
Outlet thread
M16x1,5 / M10x1
Art. no.
Technical data sheet 3D drawing