Lubricus M

Monitored and safe supply of lubrication points

Depending on the model (LUB-M2/LUB-M4/LUB-M6/LUB-M8/LUB-M10), the Lubricus M lubrication system has either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 outlets and is designed for a 24 VDC power supply. The lubricant reservoir for grease (1500 cm³) is in a disposable bellows.

The Lubricus M lubrication system is optionally equipped with up to five pump bodies (P1, P2, P3, P4, P5). The double piston pump bodies each have two outlets, are operated alternately and provide the same quantities of lubricant. 

Lubricus M can work either in time mode or in pulse mode (PLC). 

In time mode, the internal controls monitor both the amount of lubricant and the time intervals between lubrications.

In pulse mode, the desired lubrication intervals are performed by programming the PLC. Regardless of the selected mode, each pump body can be controlled separately.

Product features

  • Time control OR pulse control
  • Operating pressure up to 70 bar (1015 psi)
  • Fault/empty reporting
  • Operating temperature -20 °C to +70 °C
  • System monitoring & feedback function
  • Separate control of each pump body
  • Simple operation / PIN protected
  • Supplies oil and grease up to NLGI class 2
3D drawing

Direct lubrication

Lubricus M can be equipped with up to five pump bodies, meaning it can automatically supply up to ten lubrication points with ease.
With hose lengths of up to 5 meters many lubrication points can be reached directly.

Your benefits

  • Short grease lines
  • No complex pipework
  • One piston (twin pump) per lubrication point
  • Measurement of back pressure for each lubrication point
  • No distributors required
  • Simple retrofit solution
  • Preventive monitoring of lubrication points

Technical Data


Functional principle
Piston pump
Operational voltage
Operational pressure
max. 70 bar (1015 psi)
Lubricant volume
1500 cm³ (grease)
2000 ml (oil)
Min. dose volume
0,15 cm³ (per outlet)
2, 4, 6, 8 or 10
hose 4/6 mm
Operating temperature range
-20°C to +70°C
ca. 4000 g
Dimensions WxHxT
162 x 255 x 165 mm
Connecting plug
M12x1, 4-pole
Level monitoring
integrated, dry reed contact 
Pressure monitoring
integrated, electronic 
integrated, microelectronic 

Application pictures

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