Automatic lubricators: easy to operate and reliable


G-LUBE is an electronically controlled single-point lubrication system, driven by a chemical reaction.

This product is the right choice for most lubrication applications: cost-effective, reliable, safe and ecological!

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Sololube is a reliable, easy-to-operate single-point lubricator with an electromechanical drive.
Its precise delivery system makes Sololube equally suitable for the automatic lubrication of roller and friction bearings, gear racks, open transmissions or chains.

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The battery-powered G‑LUBE OIL is a refillable oil dispenser, ideal for lubricating chains, spindles and linear guides.
The emptying options from 2 weeks to 24 months and the temperature-independent drive ensure a precise supply of oil to the lubrication point.

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G-LUBE VIB is an innovative electromechanical lubricator dispenser that only activates itself if the connected sensor registers vibrations.

This makes it particularly suitable for intermittent operation.

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LUB-S can be used as single point lubricator or (by means of splitters or progressive distributors) as multipoint lubricator. Due to its extremely compact pump unit and its low weight it especially suits applications with lacking space.

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Lubricus lubrication system can supply up to 16 lubricating points – either autonomously in battery mode or via an external power supply.

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