Monitored lubrication of minimum volume

LUB-S can be used as single point lubricator or (by means of splitters or progressive distributors) as multipoint lubricator (LUB-S-V only). Due to its extremely compact pump unit and its low weight it especially suits applications with lacking space.

LUB-S is also available as starter set for direct and indirect installation and as progressive distributor set.

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Flexible & compact

LUB-S is an extremely compact lubrication unit for greases up to NLGI class 2. The lubrication system works either autonomously with a battery back or using an external voltage supply (24VDC).

Product features

  • 1 outlet
  • LCD display and LED
  • Operating pressure: max. 35 / 50 bar (508 / 725 psi, depending on model, switchable)
  • Operating temperature range -15°C to +60°C (depending on model)


Power supply
Al battery 4.5 V
Operating pressure
35 bar (508 psi)
Lubricant volume
125 ml
Technical data sheet 3D drawing
Power supply
24 VDC
Operating pressure
max. 50 bar (725)
Lubricant volume
125 or 250 ml
Technical data sheet 3D drawing

Your benefits

  • Compact dimensions
  • Switchable delivery pressure
  • Easy to operate
  • Fault/empty reporting
  • Suitable for splitters / progressive distributors (LUB-S-V only)

Application pictures

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