Automatic lubricator with vibration sensor

G-LUBE VIB is an innovative electromechanical lubricator dispenser that only activates itself if the connected sensor registers vibrations. This makes it particularly suitable for intermittent operation. The battery power supply allows self-sufficient use and makes G-LUBE VIB independent from an external power supply.


G-LUBE VIB is connected to a vibration sensor that is mounted quite easily on the relevant machine using a magnet.
The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted infinitely. During operation the G-LUBE VIB only lubricates in accordance with the entered settings if the sensor registers vibrations. This guarantees optimum lubrication even on machines that are not used regularly.

All functions are visible at all times on the built-in display.

Detailed status reports

The display with its integrated LEDs offers very detailed status reports.

Particularly practical: a countdown of the remaining duration can be read on the display at all times during operation. The number of days since the last lubrication is also shown.

Error messages such as for an empty cartridge or low battery power can also be seen from far away in the form of flashing LEDs.

Your benefits

  • vibration sensor allows optimal lubrication
  • self-sufficient operation with battery operation
  • one drive for all sizes
  • countdown of remaining duration on the display
  • numerous detailed status messages via display and LED


G-LUBE VIB is available in the model versions 60, 125 and 250 ml.

The reusable, electromechanical drive is identical for all models. If a different size is to be installed after discharge then it is only necessary to change the relevant lubricant cartridge and the correct, reusable top. All the parts, including the sensor cable, are available separately. This makes the G-LUBE VIB flexible and cost-effective to use. The reusability makes the device particularly enviromentally friendly.

Technical data

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