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Why to use automatic lubrication

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Automatic lubrication systems prevent under and over-lubrication, thus enhancing the service life of your machines.

The benefits of automatic lubricators

Automatic lubrication systems dispense small, precise amounts of lubricant at short, regular intervals.
The amount of time and personnel required for large plants, and machines located in hazardous areas mean that manual lubrication is often dangerous, impractical and expensive. Automatic lubrication systems as part of maintenance can resolve this issue.

Automatic lubrication…

…reduces your costs
■ saves time
■ fewer machine breakdowns due to decreased wear
■ lower lubricant consumption
■ increased service life of bearings

…protects the environment
■ needs-based lubricant dosage
■ low risk of impurities and contamination

…improves work safety

…enables monitoring and provides an overview